Google made its own earbuds because it killed the headphone jack

The $159 Pixel Buds ship in November and are up for pre-order right now.


Google followed Apple's "courageous" move to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Pixel 2, and like the handset itself, Google designed a pair of headphones to (hopefully) best show off Assistant's capabilities. Like real-time translation so you can have a conversation with someone who speaks one of 40 foreign tongues. They're called Pixel Buds, which, let's be honest, sounds adorable. As soon as you pair them with your Pixel or Android phone running Nougat or higher, Assistant is available.

Unlike Bose's QC 35 II, they won't require you to touch a button to activate Assistant. Instead, you swipe across the outside of the right earbud or tap it for things like music controls. The fabric loop should keep them securely attached to your noggin, too. Google claims you'll get five hours per-charge, and that the case the Pixel Buds come with acts as a charger and can offer around 24 hours of music. They'll run you $159, come in blue, white and black. Pre-orders open up today and they'll ship in November.

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