Google goes full Snapchat with AR stickers for Pixel phones

Some AR sticker options include 'Stranger Things' and 'Star Wars' themed versions.

Last month, Google gave us a look into what it's been doing with ARCore -- the company's augmented reality developer platform for Android. Some of the platform's capabilities already include incorporating Street View images, providing step-by-step training tutorials and showing previews of what construction projects will look like once they're finished. And today at Google's Pixel 2 event, we got another look at what the platform can do.

Houzz is using ARCore to bring its showroom right into your living room and you'll be able to watch League of Legends gameplay through an AR map. Lego is even using ARCore to allow users to build virtual models. Google has also been developing AR stickers, such as food emojis, that will be exclusive to Pixel phones. Additionally, partners like Saturday Night Live, YouTube, the NBA, Stranger Things and Star Wars are developing their own AR stickers.

Google says more AR stickers will be available in the future and you can check out what other ARCore projects are in the works here.

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