Google Fiber won’t offer TV in San Antonio and Louisville

The service will only focus on high-speed internet in these two new markets.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

It's no secret that Google Fiber is struggling. Its CEO George McCray stepped down in July, only five months into his term, and parent company Alphabet has yet to announce a replacement. On top of that, Fiber's rollout hasn't gone as planned, with the company reportedly running up the budget and having to compromise on the products it offers consumers. And things don't seem to be getting much better. Google Fiber has now revealed that when it launches in Louisville, Kentucky and San Antonio, Texas, it will only focus on providing high-speed internet and not a TV add-on.

In a blog post, Google Fiber said that this strategy shift is about "trying something new," pointing to video-streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube as examples of how watching television has changed. It added that people in existing markets with a Fiber TV add-on shouldn't worry, since there aren't any plans to get rid of that right now. "As customers look for new options that better reflect what they value in their entertainment, sports and news," the company said, "Google Fiber will also experiment with new ways to deliver that value and opportunity."

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