San Antonio is getting Google Fiber

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San Antonio is getting Google Fiber

Nearly six months after the city cleared a steeplechase-worth of legal hurdles, Google has finally announced that it will be installing its ultrafast fiber-optic network in San Antonio, Texas. Google cites San Antonio's 1.4 million residents and thriving tech scene -- including the country's first all-digital library, the Bexar BiblioTech -- as reasons for the selection. The fact that San Antonio was recently chosen for the President Tech Hire and Connect Home initiatives didn't hurt, either. The company will spend the next few months coordinating with city leaders on how best to lay the 4,000 miles of necessary fiber-optic cable. There's no word yet on when the 1,000 Mbps service will actually begin.

San Antonio joins Austin, Provo, and Kansas City as the only cities with Google Fiber actually installed. Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Salt Lake City are all in talks with Google while San Jose, Portland, and Phoenix are all in the early consideration stages as well.

[Image Credit: Top - Bloomberg via Getty Images, inline - Google]

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