Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Nashville and North Carolina (update)

Rumors broke over the weekend that Google might bring its gigabit internet Fiber connection to Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC next, but it's not stopping there. The Tennesseean reports Nashville has an announcement planned, while the Wall Street Journal lists all of those metro area plus Atlanta, based on anonymous sources. Atlanta would represent the biggest metro area for Google Fiber yet, and the WSJ mentions that media in the area have been invited to a launch event tomorrow. All four cities were already on Google's "Future of Fiber" list so there's no shockers here, but still -- pretend like you're surprised (and not jealous) when the announcement is made, it's only polite.

Update: Surprise! Google has confirmed that 18 cities in the previously mentioned metro areas are next up to get its Fiber service. The Google Fiber website is freshly updated (Thanks Daniel!) with more information, and nearby residents can input their address for a heads up when the new lines are coming their way. Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Jose are still on deck too, and should expect an update later this year.