Oculus' VR avatars are coming to Daydream and Steam in 2018

They'll also include more natural expressions.

Oculus' virtual reality avatars are clever stand-ins, but they have a few glaring problems: most notably, you can't see them outside of Oculus' own platform. Thankfully, they're being set free. Oculus has revealed that the avatars will have cross-platform support in 2018, including Steam VR and Google's Daydream. Whether or not there are any limitations to use on other platforms isn't clear, but Oculus is promising tangible upgrades to the avatars themselves.

Most notably, they'll look more natural: you can expect speech synchronization, skin shading and eyes that track for interesting objects (such as your finger or a bouncing ball). They won't look like today's glasses-wearing ghosts, in other words. Developers will even have the option of contributing their own apparel (including content that you have to unlock). All told, it sounds like you'll have a chance at creating a virtual self that looks and behaves more like you.