T-Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico

Sorry, you can't watch unlimited Netflix on your trip to Toronto.

T-Mobile has been a tempting option for travelers, and for good reason: if you've traveled to Canada or Mexico, you've had as much LTE data as you wanted without fear of returning to a giant phone bill. Unfortunately, the party's over. T-Mobile has revealed that, as of November 12th, it will cap the no-extra-charge LTE data to a maximum of 5GB per month while you're visiting the US' neighbors. You won't run into overages (this is T-Mobile), but you'll have to make do with speeds as low as 128Kbps if you go over your high-speed allotment. One subscribers can tack on unlimited LTE by adding One Plus International, but that's another $25 per month on top of the base plan.

Also, you may have less data to play with if you aren't subscribed to an unlimited plan. A customer with a 6GB limit will only have 4GB to use abroad if they've already burned through 2GB, for instance. Also, those with capped plans can no longer use their Data Stash while in Canada or Mexico (though any unused data will carry over).

It's not shocking that T-Mobile would do this. The network still has to pay roaming costs, and it's probably dreading the bill from your Netflix marathon in Vancouver. All the same, this does limit T-Mobile's appeal to jetsetters. While 5GB is a healthy amount for a short trip, it's still going to change your behavior -- you may end up using hotel WiFi when you can instead of relying solely on cellular data.

T-Mobile's examples of data limits in Canada and Mexico