BBC iPlayer Radio now plays nice with Carplay and Android Auto

The car-friendly view gives you easy access to stations and downloads.

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For many, BBC radio is synonymous with driving. When you're stuck in a traffic jam, holiday road trip or boring post-work commute, sometimes the best company is a never-ending playlist punctuated with cheerful DJ chatter. For the longest time, that's meant FM airwaves, but now of course you can use the iPlayer Radio app too. Today, the BBC is going one step further with support for Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto platforms. If you have a compatible in-car entertainment system, or don't mind sticking your Android phone to the dashboard, you can now use these large, touch-friendly interfaces while you're out on the road.

Both the CarPlay and Android Auto versions of iPlayer Radio come with four main sections. "Stations" lists all of the national and local stations broadcasting live across the UK. Downloads, meanwhile, is an offline playlist filled with shows and performances that you've previously bookmarked online or through the app. Listen Later contains all the episodes you've added to, well, Listen Later (it's supposed to be like your very own station) and Following is a shortcut to shows you've subscribed to. Both platforms have simplified, touch-friendly layouts, and with Android Auto you can use your voice to move around the menus.

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