German soccer team puts players on your iPhone for AR selfies

FC Bayern dips a toe into the high-tech waters of augmented reality.

Sports teams and broadcasters have been going all-in on high-tech initiatives lately. The NFL was an early adopter, with AR features appearing on Fox Sports broadcasts. The NBA just released an augmented reality mobile hoops game, Samsung has put MLB and the UFC on its Gear VR and ESPN is streaming X Games content to VR headsets as well. German soccer team, FC Bayern Munich, is taking its first AR steps, too, with a new feature in its iOS app that brings team captain Manuel Neuer or forward Arjen Robben into your iPhone for celebrity selfies.

You can choose which of the three "strips" Robben wears in the app, and you can personalize the back of the jersey for your screenshot photos, too. You can also buy player jerseys from within the app, if that's your thing. "This augmented reality feature offers fans a playful, unique and immersive opportunity to get closer to the team they love whether they are based in Munich, New York or Mexico," said FC Bayern Munich's Stefan Mennerich in a statement. "It is important to us that we continue to offer these innovative experiences, not only to ensure that we are connecting with our family of fans on all levels but also to continue advancing digital technology used in the sport sector."

The iOS app is free for download; simply tap over to the "AR Arena" to check out the player selfie feature. You'll need iOS 11 and an iPhone with an A9 or A10 processor, according to the developer.