Relentlessly witty 'Night in the Woods' comes to your phone in 2018

Take Mae, Bea and Gregg on the road.

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Infinite Fall
Infinite Fall

If you haven't played Night in the Woods, you're frankly missing out. The made-partly-in-Michigan indie adventure melds witty (and often silly) dialogue with iconic visuals, varied gameplay and discussions of weighty subjects. It's a good thing that the game will soon be available anywhere you go, then. Infinite Fall has revealed that Night in the Woods will be coming to mobile devices sometime in 2018. The studio hasn't offered details yet, but it's safe to say that the interface will have to change if you're going to prank shoppers and get into knife fights on your phone's touchscreen.

To recap: the title revolves around Mae, a humanoid cat who drops out of college and finds that her small hometown of Possum Springs has changed since she left... including some mysterious happenings. It's that strange side which drives the plot, but the game revolves more around its memorable characters (Gregggggg!) and themes, including the decay of small towns, the evolution of friendships and mental illness. It's not exactly the most challenging game, but there's a chance you'll be thinking about it long after you've finished playing.

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