New Patreon tools help creators connect with backers

They can take care of time-consuming admin tasks so you don't have to.

Running a Patreon page doesn't only entail creating for your audience: if you amass a lot of patrons, you'll also have to deal potentially time-consuming admin tasks. To make it easier to run a membership business, Patreon has introduced new tools called App Directory and Developer Portal. App Directory makes it easy to connect a variety of useful services to your Patreon page. For instance, if you have a WordPress-powered website, you can tie it up with your Patreon account in order to create patron-only posts.

Another service called Zapier gives you a way to connect over 750 applications, including Google Sheets and Twitter, to your page without having to tinker with codes. You can also use App Directory to give patrons instant access to your exclusive Discourse forum or Discord chat room. Later this year, you'll be able add instant invites for a Slack channel, as well.

If you need something more specialized and have the chops to do it, though, The Developer Portal might be more useful for you. It gives you access to Patreon APIs and documentation so you can create whatever you need, such as Q&A platforms and the like -- as long as it doesn't involve any type of adult content -- to offer better perks to your fans.