Sky Store lets you scrap the DVD for a cheaper digital download

Same old "Buy & Keep," but without the physical disc.


When the Sky Store's "Buy & Keep" option first launched in 2014, it offered the best of both worlds: A digital copy of a film (and later, TV box sets) to download and watch immediately, followed by a physical DVD copy to add to your collection when it eventually turned up in the post. Times have changed since then, though, and these days physical disc sales are dwindling as streaming and downloads become ever more popular. Embracing this shift, Sky is changing how Buy & Keep works this week, allowing you to sack off the DVD or Blu-ray copy for a cheaper, digital-only purchase.

As always, the store is open to everyone, Sky customer or not. It's available on Sky boxes, Now TV pucks, desktops and pretty much every other device with an app store. You can still rent the latest movies for a limited time, or buy a permanent copy when that option presents itself. Now, though, you can purchase an HD, digital download for the cheaper price of £10 and up, and scrap the physical disc delivery altogether. If continuing to build a library of little boxes is more your style, however, you can still grab a digital copy and a DVD from £14, or upgrade that disc to a Blu-ray from £17.