Amazon is adding Audible support to its entry-level Kindle

But it will only be available in the coming months.

The cheapest Kindle is getting the best feature for those who'd rather listen to books than read them. Based on its listing (as found by The Digital Reader), Amazon is rolling out Audible support for the $80 device "in the coming months." The e-retail giant's older Kindles used to have the feature, but it was eventually killed off like a supporting actor in a soap opera.

You can't use ordinary wired headphones to listen to Morgan Freeman narrate poetry, though -- you'll have to use Bluetooth-connected speakers or headphones. In addition, Amazon didn't give a more specific release date other than saying that it's coming in the next few months. If you're up for a vacation and would like a Kindle with Audible support, you can get Amazon's new Kindle Oasis. That one, however, will set you back at least $250 when it ships out on October 31st.