Comcast's Xfinity X1 finally streams Netflix in 4K

It's about time.

Netflix has offered 4K streaming on seemingly every platform under the Sun by this point, but not Comcast's Xfinity X1. You've had to settle for 1080p if your TV, console or digital media player somehow wasn't up to the job. No more: Comcast has made 4K streaming available on the X1. You'll need an XG1v4 box, a Netflix Premium subscription and (of course) a 4K TV, but you too can watch Stranger Things or Narcos without missing a pixel.

The addition is part of a broader expansion into 4K, we'd add. Comcast says it's planning to bring the higher resolution to curated Xfinity on Demand collections and discovery using the voice remote. You'll also have a choice of resolution for programs, so you don't have to test the limits of your capped connection by streaming everything in 4K. The cable giant is clearly late to the party, but it's hard to knock this when it makes 4K Netflix available to people who might never buy a streaming device of their own accord.