Sony shows off 'Doom VFR' and the rest of the PSVR holiday lineup

There's a whole bunch of cool stuff coming down the pipe.

While the gaming world's eyes are all set upon the start of Paris Games Week, Sony demo'd a number of upcoming titles for the Playstation VR, many of which will be released in time for the holidays. Among the titles on display were marquee titles Doom VR, which can now be played with the system's rifle-like Aim Controller and Skyrim VR, which has added a short-hop teleportation feature for quickly moving through Tamriel. We also took a look at League of War, a dual-screen tabletop war simulator that's sure to be the life of your next LAN party; Farpoint's newest expansion pack, a 1-on-1 (but with AI minions) battle arena; and Bravo Team, a Time Crisis-esque co-op combat shooter. Check out the video above for highlights and reactions to everything on display.

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