TSA Precheck will let you into some NFL stadiums faster

And biometric technology is coming in the future.

TSA's Precheck clearance isn't just useful for getting around the security theater at airports. Idemia has started making deals with NFL teams to use Precheck as a "fast pass" for stadiums, starting with the San Francisco 49ers' Levi's Stadium and the New York Jets' MetLife Stadium. You can even enroll on the spot and use that pre-screening the next time you're flying. Levi's Stadium will also use Idemia's biometric scanning to "assist in fan experience and security" in the near future, although the company hasn't elaborated on what that means.

The implementations are certainly convenient -- you don't have to panic quite so much if you arrive late to the football game. At the same time, it's hard to avoid the privacy concerns that come with Precheck and biometrics. Is it worth handing over personal information (such as fingerprints and your Social Security number) just to be sure you're in your seat in time for kickoff? And if enough people sign up, Precheck could lead to a pseudo-blacklist where those who refuse to enroll are effectively at a disadvantage or treated with suspicion. This doesn't mean that Precheck at stadiums is a privacy nightmare (Idemia promises to keep info private and secure), but you may want to consider how comfortable you are with data sharing before you rush to sign up.