Bjork's next album comes with free cryptocurrency

The Icelandic singer wants to bring blockchain to the masses.

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PA Archive/PA Images

Icelandic music star Bjork is famously experimental with just about everything, so it's no surprise that she's now working on bringing blockchain into the music industry fold. Her people have announced that she's partnering with British startup Blockpool to put the technology at the center of her next album release, not only letting fans buy the record with cryptocurrency, but actually giving them digital cash for doing so.

Everyone purchasing forthcoming album Utopia will get 100 Audiocoins -- the two-year-old cryptocurrency originally designed for the music industry (currently worth around $0.19 each) -- and will have the chance to earn more, along with other "crypto rewards", by interacting with Bjork online and attending her concerts. It's not clear yet exactly how that will work, but the project does have the potential to make great strides in bringing the idea of cryptocurrency to the masses. And it makes sense that Bjork, who's had some pretty curious ideas in her time, would be the person to do that.