Facebook Messenger plugin enables cross-platform customer service

Businesses can install the plugin to carry chats over to their own sites.

While most of the billion-plus users on Facebook Messenger are individuals, the company has refined its messaging platform to be more business-friendly. Back in April, it introduced a Discover tab to better connect individuals with companies they'd enjoy, as well as improved chatbot functionality. All of these have focused on improving the business-customer relationship, and the newest addition is no exception. Today's update adds Customer Chat, a plugin that lets businesses carry on Facebook Messenger conversations right on their own website.

This enables companies to have a continuous chat session, regardless of whether a user is on Facebook Messenger or the company's home page. It'll also work across devices -- something key since so many customers do everything on mobile these days. These persistent conversations are a boon for the business as well; it means businesses can keep a record of the entire interaction, making sure they don't lose track of the original request or complaint. Companies can set Customer Chat up for sales, service or whatever they'd need live chat for; In addition to carrying over across devices, it supports Facebook chat functions including payments, NLP and rich media. While the feature is currently in closed beta, interested businesses can register on a waitlist here to integrate Customer Chat on their own site.