LG’s V30+ is coming to T-Mobile on November 17th

Turns out Sprint's exclusive really wasn't.

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David Lumb
November 7th, 2017
Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

While most carriers got LG's vlog-ready V30 smartphone (pictured above) back in August, Sprint got an exclusive version, the V30+, that doubled its storage to 128GB. Or so the company claimed. T-Mobile just announced that it's getting the device too, and will make it available to customers on November 17th.

Aside from the extra space, the phone also packs in nicer earbuds and HiFi Quad DAC -- but otherwise, it's the same ol' V30 that came out months ago. The real coup lies in bragging rights more than securing a signature phone, but spoiling exclusives wouldn't be an issue if the Sprint--T-Mobile merger hadn't gotten called off days ago.

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