Uber tests 24/7 support hotline with its most frequent customers

It's also testing expert support within the app's chat.

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David Lumb
November 8, 2017 8:08 PM
NurPhoto via Getty Images
NurPhoto via Getty Images

While Uber tries to mend its company culture and make things easier on drivers, it's also building out support for its most loyal customers. The company is started two different pilot programs this week for a portion of its heaviest users: One is a call hotline available 24/7, while the other offers 'specially trained experts' for the in-app support feature, Uber confirmed.

TechCrunch couldn't pin down what threshold qualifies certain users for either program, though one of its reporters noted they'd been inducted with an email thanking them for riding over 10,000 miles with the service. Those granted entry could find a shortcut to either the premium support number or chat experts in the Uber app's help menu, depending on which pilot program.

It's unclear how large either beta program is or how long they will run, but figuring out how to support its most loyal customers is a sound business move on the company's long road to rehabilitating its image. We've reached out to Uber for details and will include them when we hear back.

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