Razer's latest gaming keyboard can survive spilled drinks

The newest BlackWidow Ultimate is water-resistant -- to a degree.

Razer's keyboards have been many things, but tough generally wasn't one of them -- knock your drink the wrong way and that elaborate input device was toast. That won't be as much of a problem in the future, as Razer has unveiled a new version of its signature BlackWidow Ultimate with IP54 water and dust resistance. While the rating doesn't mean you can dunk the keyboard in the pool (you'd want IP67 or better for that), it's good enough that your gaming session won't be ruined by a splash or two.

Beyond that, it's a familiar formula: you're getting Razer's mechanical switches (the Green Switch, to be exact) with 10-key anti-ghosting and full programming support. You're limited to green lighting, but you can still create lighting effects like ripples and waves. The new Blackwidow is available online right now for $110 (€120) and should spread to stores worldwide before the year is over.

This isn't a novel idea, to be clear. Corsair and others have had water-resistant gaming keyboards. Razer is arguably the most recognizable brand of the bunch, though, and the inclusion of water resistance in its flagship keyboard is bound to make the feature more commonplace. Don't be surprised if splashproof design eventually becomes a must-have for keyboards like this.