Kids can build their own Star Wars video game with Bloxels

You can pick up the special edition for $50.

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Swapna Krishna
November 15, 2017 8:25 PM

There are a whole host of apps and games that are aimed at teaching kids to code, but not all of them come with stellar IP partnerships. But that's just what Bloxels, Pixel Press's video game building system aimed at teaching kids how to be content creators, has. Today, Pixel Press and the toy company Mattel announced that the companies were partnering to release a Star Wars edition of Bloxels. You can buy it today for $50 at retailers nationwide.

Bloxels aim to help kids learn about the mechanics of video game design and storytelling by putting them in control of creating a game. The build-and-play platform allows kids to put their games together using colored blocks on a game board. They can then set their game in one of many different popular Star Wars environments, such as Hoth, Mos Eisley or the Death Star.

It's a big get for Bloxels, for sure. Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises out there, and it's great to see its immense popularity used for something good. After all, kids are more likely to be interested in something educational when it's tied to a property they love.

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