You can now replenish your Amazon Cash card at 7-Eleven

Refill your account when you pick up a Slurpee.

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tupungato via Getty Images
tupungato via Getty Images

It can be tricky to shop these days without a credit or debit card, especially online. Amazon Cash is one way to do so, however, with an online account that you can refill with cash via a barcode you take to participating stores. Now 7-Eleven is in on the act, giving Amazon more than 30,000 locations people can use to refill their Amazon Cash account.

Obviously, this new system is another way to get more folks shopping on Amazon. In the same vein, Amazon also has a discounted Prime membership for those with an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that lets customers pay $6 per month to get Prime's free shipping, discounts on household items and video content. While it might seem like a pandering move, it's likely that many folks will benefit from the same online shopping perks the rest of us can take for granted.

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