Tesla's massive Supercharger rest stops come online in California

Surprise: They look like big gas stations.

While we're all waiting for the reveal of Tesla's electric semi this evening, the company's new charging stations are ready for prime time. Well, two of them are at least. According to a report at Electrek, Tesla has two new stations active in California, one between LA and San Francisco in Kettleman City and the other in Baker (between LA and Las Vegas). As shown in pictures published by Electrek, the newly online travel stations look a lot like, well, a gas station without the gas.

Elektrek's photos also show that the rooftops of the charging stations have solar panels, though the site notes that Tesla stations will still likely need to pull power from the local grid if things get busy. In addition, there seems to be some sort of product showcase in what Electrek is calling "the lounge," which will likely have products like solar panels and Powerwall units for customers to check out.

It's not a big surprise that these Tesla charging stations channel existing places like truck stops, as The Verge notes, or basic gas stations that have attached convenience stores. It will be interesting to see how many consumer vs. soon-to-be-revealed semis will use the station in the near future, but this seems like a good way to break up a long trip for Tesla owners.