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HBO's interactive 'Mosaic' series arrives on Android

Viewers control the narrative of this Steven Soderbergh story.

Despite all the high profile TV shows currently on the air, HBO and Steven Soderbergh have found a way to make Mosaic stand out in the age of binge-watching: hand over narrative control to the viewers. Billed as "interactive storytelling," the 7.5-hour series starring Sharon Stone debuted earlier this month on iPhone/Apple TV, and is now available for Android users as well. You won't decide the show's outcome, but you can choose how to watch it across 15 chapters, with multiple perspectives available depending on which character you may be following.

If you want to go back and see things in another order, or from another angle, that's possible too, and there's additional content available for any story elements that need a deeper dive. Soderbergh's six-episode cut of Mosaic will debut on HBO January 22nd, in case you'd like to see how your version matches up.