EE's next phone will be all glass and cost just over £100

We're told it's set to launch in the first week of December.

It's been so long since EE launched a new own-brand smartphone, scan its online store and you won't find any handset bearing the carrier's logo on offer. It appears EE is planning to release such a device in the coming weeks, however, just in time to capitalise on the Christmas rush. A little birdie tells us it'll be an entry-level number available for free on cheap contracts, with a pay-as-you-go price of just over £100. (Apologies for the quality of the pictures -- little birdies aren't the best product photographers.) What we know so far is it'll have a 5-inch screen (likely a 720p panel given the price point), an octa-core MediaTek 6755 chip, a 13-megapixel primary camera and an 8MP front-facer.

EE isn't likely to push the device's spec sheet to get people through the door, though. Instead, features like a 4G radio capable of getting some of the best speeds on EE's LTE-Advanced network, and the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor and NFC chip for mobile payments, will form the basis of the elevator pitch. Design, too, as the smartphone is sandwiched between two panes of Gorilla Glass, mimicking the style and build quality of more expensive, premium handsets. That's all we know so far, but we expect something more official from EE in the first week of December, when this is likely to launch.

Naturally, we reached out to EE for comment and received this statement:

"Whilst we do not comment on rumour or speculation, as the UK's biggest and fastest network, we always look for new ways to offer our advanced 4G network services to as many consumers as possible. We're also number one for the latest smartphones, which includes our EE-branded handsets that bring together all the benefits of our 4G network -- with the features expected from the latest smartphones at an extremely affordable price point."