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'MST3K' will mock B movies for another season on Netflix

The cult show is coming back for a 12th season.

MST3K: The Return

If Twitch's Mystery Science Theater 3000 binge-fest didn't scratch your itch, we've got good news for you: Netflix is renewing the show's revival MST3K: The Return for a second season (and the 12th season overall). A brief announcement video (featuring series creator Joel Hodgson, current host Jonah Ray, and Felicia Day) hit YouTube shortly after Shout Factory's annual Turkey Day marathon -- which diehards no doubt tuned in to for Thanksgiving b-movie wisecracks.

If you're planning to make it a MST3K-themed weekend, you can still catch the 20 classic episodes stocked on Netflix. Or, maybe you're saving a box set or two for the occasion. After all, nothing says Thanksgiving like robots sending up Space Mutiny.