Snapchat’s redesign separates friends' posts from media content

And the new Friends and Discover pages will be curated to you.

Photothek via Getty Images

Snapchat's major redesign is here and it's all about separating your relationships from content. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel wrote on Axios today that Snapchat has always been primarily geared towards conversing with friends and with the new layout, Snapchat will make that even easier. "With the upcoming redesign of Snapchat, we are separating the social from the media, and taking an important step forward towards strengthening our relationships with our friends and our relationships with the media," he wrote.

Prior to this redesign, opening the app would bring you to the camera. You would swipe left to get to your messages, swipe right to get to your Stories and swipe right again to get to the Discover page. Now, all of that is being shuffled. Opening the app still brings you to the camera, but swiping left now takes you to the new dynamic Friends page. There, you'll find friends' Chats and Stories. That page will learn how you use it and who you message and will then begin to arrange your friends in the order in which you talk to them most. Swiping right will bring you to the new Discover page, which will have all of your subscriptions up top and Stories it thinks you might be interested in below. Those suggestions will also be curated based on how you use the app and what content you seek out.

"Separating social from media has allowed us to build the best way to communicate with friends and the best way to watch great content - while addressing many of the problems that plague the Internet today," Snapchat said in a statement. You can check out the video below for a demonstration on how the new Snapchat works.