Select Chromebook owners can get six months of Netflix for free

It’s thanks to a new offer from Google.

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If you're picking up a Google Pixelbook, a Samsung Chromebook Plus or a Samsung Chromebook Pro this holiday season, Google wants to make your present (whether to yourself or someone else) even better. Through the end of the year, any of these devices comes with six months of Netflix for free. This appears to apply to recent purchases as well.

The deal is for the $10.99 per month plan, which includes streaming to two screens at a time (sorry 4K users). According to the terms, it appears as though if you are already a Netflix subscriber, you can apply the offer to your existing account, even if you have a different plan than the one stated above. Basically, Google is giving users $65.94 in Netflix credit, and you can use it any way you like, except as applied towards gift subscriptions.

To get your free Netflix, you can visit the Chromebook offer site and hit "Redeem" from the eligible machine. There are also some other interesting deals to take advantage of, including a $20 Google Play credit for Samsung Plus or Pro owners.

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