This is Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset

The device is called the Magic Leap One and the Creator Edition will ship in 2018.

We've been following the development and rumors surrounding Magic Leap's glasses for awhile. Now, we finally have something official: The company revealed the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition headset on Twitter this morning. The mixed-reality glasses will ship in 2018, and while preorders aren't yet open (and there's no price point), you can sign up to be the first to know when it's available.

If you haven't followed Magic Leap's development, the company has been a bit of a puzzle. It's been the recipient of quite a bit of funding, including from Google, which really had the hype machine in overload. However, Magic Leap has been somewhat secretive, which hasn't given those following the company much to go on. Rumors swirled that the tech wasn't living up to expectations; no one was sure what to expect in a final product.

Now, the Creator Edition of the Magic Leap One is here, and it promises to change the way people interact with the world around us through its use of mixed reality. According to Rolling Stone, the device tricks your brain into seeing things that aren't there through the use of an artificial light field (basically, anything the light bounces off of around you.) The Magic Leap One is actually the ninth generation of this hardware; it's just the first that will come to market for the general public (or at least, the public who can afford it).