Empire-builder 'Civilization VI' comes to the iPad for $30

Play the full strategy game while you're commuting to work.

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2K/Firaxis/Aspyr Media
2K/Firaxis/Aspyr Media

Usually, playing Civilization on the go means playing one of the cut-down Revolution games. They're fine, but they're not the same thing. You won't have to make that compromise from now on, however. Aspyr Media has released Civilization VI for the iPad -- yes, the whole thing. If you can't stand the thought of waiting to get home before advancing science or invading an empire, you just have to tuck an Apple tablet in your bag. That's no mean feat given how visually and computationally intensive the turn-based strategy game can be.

Appropriately, Aspyr isn't shy about treating this like it would a conventional computer game release, including stiff requirements and a high price price. You need a fairly recent tablet like the iPad Air 2, 2017 iPad or any iPad Pro just to run it. And while the game is free to play for the first 60 turns, you're looking at spending $30 (£29) during the launch period (doubling in price after January 4th) to unlock the full experience. That it's available at all is impressive, though -- we're now at the point where recent, complex PC titles can run on mobile tablets, not just simpler games from a studio's back catalog.

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