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Razer gives its phone a major camera update

The company is promising better colors, shadows and low-light performance.


When the Razer Phone was first announced, we didn't know what to expect. Sure, the company had Nextbit, but a handset just "for gamers?" The whole thing smelled like a gimmick. Turns out, we needn't have worried. The Razer Phone is a solid flagship with a 5.7-inch, quad HD display (and a rare 120Hz refresh rate), a huge battery and loud front-facing speakers. The only problem? The camera is pretty average. Thankfully, Razer has heard fan complaints and pushed out a sizeable software update. Exactly what it's changed is a mystery, but the result should be "improved picture quality" with less noise, punchier colors and clearer shadows.

There's a 2x zoom button now and "improved shutter speed(s)" while using the camera in low-light conditions and HDR mode. We'll have to put all of this to the test, of course. In our review, the camera fell "well short of what we expected from a device that costs this much." It would take a huge improvement for the phone to match the images produced by Google's Pixel 2 or Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. Still, it's good to see Razer supporting its first smartphone — especially when the rest of the device is so well put together. In a Facebook post, the company promised a further update to bring its camera app "on par with other flagship phones." We can't wait.