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Nearly three years later, 'The Witcher 3' runs in 4K on Xbox

Just hop into the graphics options to enable it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's performance on Xbox hardware has never been what I'd call "great." So, when Microsoft announced that CD Projekt RED's massive single-player RPG was one of the games getting an "enhancement" patch for the One X I got pretty excited. Finally, the game would be playable on the system I got it for. The patch recently arrived, and with it an "advanced" tab in the display options. You can pick from either 4K Mode or Performance Mode. The former gives you 4K graphics at a locked 30 FPS on a UHD display. For 1080p TV owners, that translates to super-sampled visuals and 60 FPS in my brief tests.

Performance mode latter prioritizes frame-rate over maximum visual fidelity, using a dynamic resolution system to target 60 FPS. Which ever mode you pick, both feature high-dynamic range video. The developer notes that HDR will also be coming to PS4 Pro "soon." It's a bit curious that CD Projekt RED would update a two-and-a-half year old game at this point, but where the One X is concerned stranger things have happened.