Amazon buys Blink in a bid to beef up its connected home lineup

The online giant is looking at a bigger presence in the connected home space.

Blink, the wire-free home monitoring system, has been acquired by Amazon. According to a release posted to Blink's website, nothing will change for its customers at the moment. The company will continue to operate and support its products as per usual.

Right now, Blink offers an indoor and an outdoor home security camera, as well as a video doorbell. A home security system is available for preorder. The company got its start thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $1 million, and it's known for offering wire-free products that have simple installation procedures and operate on regular batteries.

It's not a surprising move for Amazon; after all, the company introduced the Cloud Cam just a couple of months ago. Additionally, its "Key" allows drivers to unlock your door and drop off packages inside your home. Clearly, with Alexa and its Echo line, the company is looking to extend its domination into the home security market.