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Recommended Reading: The Wii U wasn't for everyone

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Billy Steele
01.14.17 in Internet

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Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The Wii U Was Great,
Just Not For Me

Luke Plunkett,

Before Nintendo revealed all the details about its upcoming Switch console, a lot of us took a moment to reflect on its predecessor: the Wii U. While the console offered compelling gamine experiences for some, it wasn't for everyone. Kotaku discusses just that, including its appeal among younger players.

The Epic Story of O.J.: Made in America's Creation
Angela Watercutter, Wired

Wired chronicles how it took two years to condense 800 hours of footage down to an eight-part mini series that's still being talked about months after it aired.

How the Gurus Behind Disney's MagicBand Are Remaking a $38B Cruise Giant
Cliff Kuang, Fast Company

The team that fundamentally changed how people navigate Disney parks have created a MagicBand-like device for Carnival Cruise Lines called the Ocean Medallion.

'Final Fantasy 7:' An Oral History
Matt Leone, Polygon

Polygon offers an inside look at the role-playing title with the unique perspectives from people who were there while it was being made. The title approaches its 20th anniversary and a remake for PS4 is on the way.

Trolls Decided I Was Taking Pictures of Rex Tillerson's Notes. I Wasn't Even There.
Doris Truong, Washington Post

As fake news continues to be an issue on the internet, people are routinely implicated for things they didn't do just because they look like someone else. Here's one story that shows how quickly these things can begin to snowball.

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