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Amazon made a Dash button just for boxes of assorted candy

Great for when you want chocolate in two days.

If you're a creature of habit who doesn't mind introducing a little branding into your home, Amazon's one-touch ordering buttons are useful for re-stocking everything from laundry detergent to Nerf ammo. They can even be programmed to remind you that you have Dash buttons. Now, Amazon wants to help brighten your day with random boxes of small-batch candies.

For Prime members, each press of the Prime Surprise Sweets button will cost $18, which Amazon will reward by sending you a box full of "top-notch artisanal treats from across the nation." You can, of course, mash the button as much as you'd like. Unfortunately, as our friends at TechCrunch pointed out, the program is still invite-only, but you can pre-order a button and reserve your place in line.

As for the sweet treats themselves, Amazon has a list of some example boxes on the site and it's safe to say that fans of chocolates, caramels or various forms of sweetened popcorn will find something to indulge their sweet tooth. Each box also comes with a note card that describes "every decadent detail" of the candymaking process, so you can remember that your one-touch candy order also supported a small business somewhere.

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