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Image credit: Grab Games, Vive Studios

'Knockout League' brings cartoony boxing to virtual reality

Ever want to face off against an English octopus in the ring? Now's your chance.
Grab Games, Vive Studios

The Nintendo Switch has Arms and now the VR-minded folks at Grab Games and Vive Studios have dropped Knockout League onto Steam's Early Access label. The arcade-y boxing game's in-development version only has four cartoony pugilists for now, according to VentureBeat, but each one has a different fighting style. And some aren't even human. Like Sir Octopunch, a mustachioed octopus with a stance like an old timey English boxer. Sure!

It's more Ready 2 Rumble in tone and presentation than, say, Fight Night's simulation leanings, but the aesthetic works really well based on footage from the trailer below. VB reports that the full version should be ready by the second quarter this year (so, some time between April and June) and should have some additional bits by then. For now, the version with a quartet of boxers will run you $18. Time to lace up the gloves... err, Vive wands and Oculus Touch controllers.

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