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Google makes it easier to share its speedier mobile web links

AMP won't hide original links like it did before.

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Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages are great for speeding up the web on your phone, but not so much if you want to share links with friends. Frequently, the only hint at the original link is a brief mention at the top -- share the page you're looking at and you'll give people Google's AMP cache, not the actual site. You won't have to wonder where the original link went for much longer, though. Google is fulfilling a promise by adding a simple way to share the source for an AMP story. When you're looking at an article you tapped in search results, the AMP header bar will have an anchor button that shows the original link. You can even hold down that button to trigger your browser's native sharing feature when available.

Just when you'll see the feature depends on what platform you're using, and where you're surfing. People using the Google app on iOS can see it right away. Android users, meanwhile, will see this updated approach through native functions (including the Google app) sometime in the "coming weeks." It's a simple addition, but it'll help shake the notion that Google is hijacking pages and promoting its own technology over the articles you're reading.

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