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One Website Multiple Versions: 5 Things you should know about Mobile Responsiveness

AbdulGaniy Shehu, @shehuaba

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With the increase in the use of mobile devices (Which includes Ipads, Iphones, Smartphones and android tablets). More people access the internet through these devices and don't use the PC these days.

Hence, businesses/ individuals need a version of their website/ blog which is responsive and can be operated on all devices (which includes desktop, tablets, laptops and mobile phones). Since Mobile Responsiveness is essential for every website, so what's it all about, what are the things you should know about it, how do you test it (both manually and on the web). This article addresses this and many more.

What is Mobile Responsiveness?
According to Studio Press: "When a website is responsive, the layout, and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you are reading it on"

In a nutshell, a mobile-responsive website must be;

  • Flexible: To respond to the screen of the device with which it's viewed
  • Automated: Changes automatically from one screen to the other.
What you should know about Mobile Responsiveness
  1. Optimization: A mobile-responsive website is optimised in terms of its interactive design, and how it facilitates the ease with which it can be used. The fonts of a mobile responsive websites are easy to read and could be easily navigated.
  2. Multiple platforms interaction: With a mobile-responsive website, you are sure of a website that can interact across platforms. It does this with little change in user experience. There are four major screen sizes that responsive mobile designs are aimed at. This includes: The wide-screen monitor, the laptop, the tablet and the mobile phone. Hence, for a mobile responsive website, as the screen changes or get smaller, it adjusts to the best display for it.
  3. It aids SEO: Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO is the concept of writing for search engines to index your posts and pages and make it appear in its pages on the web. While a good SEO strategy explained by experts is perfect, a mobile responsive website will aid this a lot. In fact, it will make your website to be in the good books of search engines. This is because Google and other search engines prioritise websites with good user experience.
  4. Optimal performance: A mobile responsive website performs well and loads faster (within a second or less). Since mobile responsive websites connect a website's contents to a single URL, it makes it easier for Google to crawl and index. A mobile responsive website reduces page load speed and offers fast loading which makes the contents discoverable.
  5. It's good for all: Mobile responsiveness is good for all, irrespective of where you belong to (or what you do). It's the reality of the web today, as it offers a website multiple versions. It is also revolutionary for online publishers, as it allows them to reduce cost of app development. The user is also not left out of the experience, as they will enjoy every bit of navigating your website on various platforms.
How to test Mobile Responsiveness for your Website

- To test if your website is mobile responsive manually. Input your website's URL using multiple devices mentioned above, and see how they respond as shown in the images.

- To test your website's mobile responsiveness on the web, you can check it through google via:

On a Final Note
Mobile responsiveness is good for any website publisher, developer and designer. It makes your website unique and distinct from the rest. It drives more traffic to it, as it gives the users an experience they will always relish.

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