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PSA: That Razer esports sponsorship email is a scam

You know what they say: if it's too good to be true...

So, you stream your gameplays and recently received a lucrative sponsorship offer via email from popular esports platform Team Razer. Exciting, right? Unfortunately, it's nothing but a scam -- that email is actually from a cyber criminal and not a "scouting agent." Team Razer has sent out a notice that scammers are using its brand name to spread malicious software.

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As you can see, the email reeks of fraud: in addition to its questionable grammar, it came from a Gmail account with a misspelled username. Take note of the word "razor" in the sender's account name. We're sure those red flags are enough to give you pause, but to be safe, Team Razer is asking everyone not to click on any of the links. It also wants people to know that it (unfortunately) doesn't send out sponsorship deals via email, and you'll have to send in an application through its website if you're interested.

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