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'Hearthstone' gets first expansion of the year in early April

'Journey to Un'Goro' brings dinosaurs and new mechanics.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
02.27.17 in AV

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It doesn't take much to set video game fans down rumor rabbit holes these days, but in this case, hints about Hearthstone's first expansion in 2017 were correct. Blizzard has officially announced that Journey to Un'Goro will be the next content block added this year, bringing dinosaurs and new mechanics to the digital card game when the set launches in early April.

Named for the World of Warcraft zone of dangerous jungles and lost secrets, Journey to Un'Goro will introduce 135 new cards to the game. The first of this year's three expansions ushers in the Year Of The Mammoth, which will rotate all content from 2015 out of the competitive Standard format.

While that means finally saying goodbye to your beloved Reno Jackson decks, Un'Goro will bring in a few cool changes. First on the list are two brand-new mechanics: 'Adapt' lets you choose from three random stat or ability options to give a creature once it enters play, while 'Quest' spells activate their devastating effect after satisfying their requirements. There's also a new creature type, Elementals, to join Dragons, Murlocs and Pirates as a theme to arrange your decks around.

'Adapt' will likely up the game's randomness and hopefully some 'Quest' cards will be easier to attain than normal Legendary-rarity ones, but this early on, it's hard to tell how Un'Goro will change Hearthstone. Blizzard will announce a batch of cards on March 17th with more trickling out until the expansion comes out in early April. The studio has already promised free packs, in-game gold and crafting dust in the weeks leading up to its launch, which will hopefully help make up for how much pricier it will be to collect all of 2017's cards than last year's collection.

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