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'MindGamers' clip shows off the dangers of wireless neural networks

The film follows a group of students who find a way to connect minds.
Terra Mater Film Studios

The upcoming science fiction film MindGamers has an intriguing hook: 1,000 audience members are going to wear cognitive headbands to monitor their brain activity during a screening. And when it's over, researchers will go over the results of the "mass mind state" they gathered. It's apparently the first time such a large-scale collection of mind activity has been attempted, and it could potentially lead to new insights around human cognition. If you're in Los Angeles or New York City on March 28th, you can sign up to wear a headband on the film's site. You can also grab a ticket to watch the experience live in other locations via Fathom Events.

The film, which stars Sam Neill, centers on a group of students who discover a way to link minds together through a wireless neural network. While they think it could help humanity, things inevitably go wrong. We got a look MindGamers' trailer last month, but below you can check out an exclusive clip showing off one of the grittier uses for connecting minds.

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