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'Descent'-inspired 'Sublevel Zero Redux' coming to PS4

It will beat the actual "Descent Underground" remake to the punch.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
03.03.17 in AV

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If you're interested in some Descent-like shooter action, you could wait for Descent Underground, the crowdfunded game from from a developer behind Star Citizen. However, it's not expected to arrive until next year, and when it does, there are no plans for a console release. There is another option, though: Sublevel Zero: Redux. Based on the well-received original that launched on Steam in 2015, the console version for Xbox One and PS4 brings new content, campaigns and more.

"The game itself is an homage to one of our favorite games, the classic 6DoF shooter Descent," says lead artist and cofounder Gary Lloyd from developer Sigtrap. However, it's been updated with random procedural generation, looting and crafting, permadeath and other modern elements.

While inspired by the original's 8-bit low-poly look, Sublevel Zero: Redux was modernized with "hyper-saturated" neon lighting and colors. "The soundtrack likewise starts from chiptune roots and adds a modern twist to create a pulse-pounding orchestral glitch score," adds Lloyd. Other new features include over 70 new rooms, an enhanced campaign that gets harder as you get better, two new enemies, elite unlockable foes and more.

The team had overcome some adversity to get to this point, as its original publisher went bankrupt shortly after the original Sublevel Zero was released. The game launched last week on the Xbox One, and is coming to the PS4 on March 8th.

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