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48 new emojis are coming to your phone this summer

Additions include a woman wearing a headscarf, a UFO and others.

Near the end of last year, we got word that new emojis were on the way. With that announcement came a list of 51 proposed emojis that would come with the upcoming release of Unicode 10.0. That lineup has been pared down to 48, and as Emojipedia notes, they'll be available to use beginning on June 30th.

Emojipedia mocked up the new images in the style of Apple's emojis, but the site's illustrations are not exactly what will be on your iPhone. If Apple's come out similar to these, though, some of the new illustrations will look pretty different than when they were proposed in November. Most notably, the newer Woman With Headscarf design looks more like a person wearing a hoodie than a hijab.

This update may seem inconsequential, but emojis are a huge part of how we express ourselves now. The newcomers focus primarily on people, clothes and food, but emojis like Woman With Headscarf represent a continued push for more diversity in the emoji roster.

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