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Twitch can finally sort top-ranked 'League of Legends' streamers

Now it's even easier to see your favorite champion in action.
Riot Games

In terms of sheer minutes watched, League of Legends has been the most popular game on Twitch ever since the livestreaming platform launched in 2011. In fact, there are so many channels for the game, Twitch had to build out a special interface just so users could navigate them all. As of today, users jumping into the League of Legends directory will see a new set of discovery tools allowing them to filter and sort those channels by rank or champion.

Even though League of Legends has inspired everything from college rivalries to documentaries, Twitch thinks that regular streamers are still they best resource for most players who want to compare gameplay styles and see how other players handle the lineup of champions. So, it makes sense that the new UI is arriving just in time for the reveal of two new characters: Rakan and Xayah. According to Twitch, this is the first time any company has leveraged Riot Games' metadata in this way, but what that means for you, the Twitch-streaming LoL fanatic, is that you'll need to link your Twitch account to your Legends account on the connections page here in order to show up properly in the directory.

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