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Lyft drivers can start planning pickups days in advance

Contractors now also have access to a new, driver-only app.

Just as it does for riders, Lyft continues to improve the experience for its drivers. The latest effort is a feature that lets contractors deal with scheduled pickups up to seven days in advance, instead of only being aware of a passenger's planned departure minutes before. Additionally, Lyft is now giving drivers access to "Power Zones," high-demand areas where they can "get paid more" during certain hours of the day. So far, there are 12 Power Zones in (undisclosed) cities across the US, with more expected to be added later on.

Lyft is bringing all of this together with a new driver-only application, suitably called Lyft Driver, which the company says will be full of resources for contractors. They'll have easy access to information about scheduled rides, Power Zones and other things that may be added in the future. The service says the app will be rolling out to drivers over the summer.

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