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Zepp phone apps use AI to study your basketball shots

You just need to point your camera at the court.

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You may know Zepp for sports tracking sensors you can slap on your baseball bat or soccer ball, but its latest tracking involves little more than your phone and a good view of the action. Its game recording and training apps (Android, iOS) are adding a dash of AI technology (namely, computer vision) to analyze your baseball swings, golf swings and basketball shots. If your three-pointer throwing needs work, you just need to point your phone's camera at the court and start capturing. You can share the videos and performance data with others, too, in case you need to prove your skills to recruiters.

It may seem odd for Zepp to do this when its business is built around sensors. Wouldn't it want to keep you hooked on hardware? However, this is more of a complementary feature than a replacement. There's only so much info you can collect without measuring a bat or golf club, and the imaging won't help much whenever you're off-camera. This is more about completing the picture, producing stats that you might not get otherwise.

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