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Twitch gives up-and-coming-streamers a cut of game sales

Affiliate broadcasters have another way to make money now.

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Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

There's an additional avenue for non-Partnered Twitch streamers to make money. Now, in addition to earning money via Bits, Affiliate streamers can earn a five percent revenue share when viewers buy the game they're streaming, directly from their channel. "All Affiliates are automatically enabled to start earning from game sales starting today," according to a press release. "They only need to be playing a game that is available for sale on Twitch for a purchase button to appear on their channel page."

With this, Twitch is further ensuring that it can attract new streamers and then, importantly, keep them around by providing ways for them to earn money. Five percent of a $5 sale is only $0.25 though and the same percentage of a $60 game is only $3, so it's going to take an awful lot of game sales and Bits to make rent.

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