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Mohu's latest indoor antenna has a 65-mile range

The Leaf Glide can snag you more free over-the-air TV channels.

Mohu has something new for all of the cord-cutters out there. The company has upgraded its indoor Leaf antenna and the new version delivers a 65-mile reception range. That's up from the 50-mile range of the previous model. Mohu says that its SignaLift technology puts the Leaf Glide more on par with outdoor antennas. The Leaf Glide is also a little bit bigger at 21.5 inches by 11.5 inches, allowing it to pick up lower frequency bands.

Mohu's Leaf antennas are super thin, multi-directional indoor versions that you can use to pick up free over-the-air TV channels. The company announced earlier this year that it's also launching a wireless version of its indoor antenna soon. Mohu began producing the thin Leaf antenna line in 2011 and they claim to have saved customers more than $300 million in cable fees.

Mohu's antennas don't require an additional subscription service and the Leaf Glide is available only through Mohu or Amazon. It costs $90.

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