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'GTA Online' update brings new multiplayer mode and patriotic swag

Plus, a fresh Supercar called the "Dewbauchee Vagner."

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Rockstar's new update for Grand Theft Auto Online is (mostly) all about Independence Day, a holiday Americans will be celebrating through the weekend and, some, until Tuesday. The goods, which are now live, include an adversary mode dubbed "Dawn Raid," where two teams of up to six people can parachute into a combat zone and battle it out to find hidden packages. And, since this is a 4th of July-themed update after all, you'll also get a bunch of patriotic Stars and Stripes swag, including weapons and apparel for your avatar.

In addition to that, Rockstar is bringing a new Supercar into the mix, the "Dewbauchee Vagner." It's gorgeous and probably crazy fast, but that means you're going to have to spend a good amount of virtual cash if you'd like it in your garage.

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